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«InTechSA» Ltd. is a specialized industrial and commercial company which has been working in three main directions:
The first direction is an industrial and is associated with introduction of modern technologies and devices for vibration monitoring, vibration-based diagnostics and vibration adjustment of technological equipment on the plants of the Republic of Belarus. Within this area «InTechSA» Ltd. offers to the plants of the Republic of Belarus the following package of services:
– Vibration monitoring (measurement of machine vibration on non-rotating parts) and state estimation of the equipment based on the requirements of standards in the field of vibratory methods of nondestructive inspection (State Standard ISO 10816, State Standard ISO 14695, State Standard R ISO 8579 and etc.)
– Analysis of Vibrational state of the equipment  which allows to estimate the degree of danger of excessive vibration, to identify and classify the defect of any unit of the equipment (friction and frictionless bearing, mechanical and belt gearing, impellers and flow parts of fans and pumps, electromagnetic systems of electrical machines AC and DC);
– Rotors’ balancing at working rotations in situ of exploitation of the equipment without dismantling (pulleys, half couplings, fan impellers, rotors of crusher, separators, mixers and etc.);
– Pulleys alignment of belt gearing of the fan and etc;
– Shaft centering of joined mechanisms (pumps, compressors, fans, generators, high-powered reduction gears and etc).
The second direction is commercial activity which is associated with selling of various high-tech equipment. «InTechSA» Ltd. is a partner and official representative of famous European and Russian companies. We supply to the Republic of Belarus the following equipment: spectral devices, produced by «OKB Spectr» CJSC (spectrophotometers, spectrometers), X-ray diffractometers, produced by «Scientific instruments» CJSC, IR- Fourier spectrometers, produced by «Infraspek» Ltd., vibration-measuring apparatus(vibrometers, vibration analyzers), Laser systems produces (for shaft alignment, for on-center alignment of holes and half-holes, for the control of flatness and straightness of the slide, for adjustment of geometrical adjectives of the machines), and universal and specialized balancing machines, produced by «CIMAT» Sp.z o.o. Unlike the other companies that sell similar equipment, we not only know its technical parameters, but we also know how it works and for what purposes it is used. Our aim is not only to sale to the Customer but also to help him to choose necessary and optimal set of equipment for the solution of his industrial tasks.
The third direction is engineering and enlightenment activity. We offer to enterprises consultational help and technical support in the following actions:
– compilation of the list of mission-critical technological equipment, the state of which can be tracked and classified with the help of devices of measurements and control of vibration
-selection of optimal set of vibration-measuring apparatus, tools of representation and analysis of received information
-forming the criteria about the state value of optional equipment based on vibration parameters
– issuing the recommendations on installation of steady systems of vibration control and emergency protection of the equipment from increased vibration for the objects with difficult prompt access to the points of control of vibration parameters.
– training the enterprise personnel fundamentals of vibration diagnostics and skills of working with vibration-measuring apparatus, centering systems and software.

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«InTechSA» Team