Wireless systems of measurements and laser alignment


tab@lign-fototab@lign is a wireless systems of shaft alignment for tablet computers and smartphones. The application is designed to perform standard shaft alignmentincluding a quick check of the alignment of machine shafts, for example, in the motor-pump assembly system.
Build on the basis of patented PRÜFTECHNIK laser technology the tab@lign system provides high reliability, accuracy and repeatability of measurement results.

tab@lign has the following characteristics:
• Implementation of the alignment in 3 stages:
Input of dimensions, rotation of shafts and display of measurement results.
Bluetooth® connection:
Data transfer from the PRÜFTECHNIK measuring equipment to an Android-powered device is performed using the Bluetooth® module.
• Automatic measurement mode Active Clock:
During shaft rotation, the measurements are automatically performed in three sensor positions. It is enough to turn the shaft by 70° for measuring. The electronic inclinometer eliminates possible user errors, providing intelligent and accurate alignment of the shafts.
• Result and Live Move modes:
The results of measuring the horizontal / vertical skewing of the coupling and the position of the supports are automatically calculated and displayed on the display. Graphic symbols show the position of the machine, and the arrows help to perform the necessary adjustments to the position of the supports. In Live Move mode the tab@lign application monitors the vertical position of the equipment in real time, continuously updating the adjustment results.
• “Soft foot”:
Measuring, correcting and saving the results of checking the “soft foot”.
• Creating report:
The measurement results can be immediately sent by e-mail in the form of an understandable single-page graphic report, helping to reduce the time of shaft alignment.

aligment-transfer-appAlignment Transfer App

Alignment Transfer App is a complete mobility for measuring data. This application allows you to display and forward measurement data in your Android-based smartphone.
Using Alignment Transfer App you are able to:
• Find the measurement data of your computer ROTALIGN Ultra directly on your smartphone
• Download reports in PDF format to your smartphone
• Complete the report with screenshots of the computer ROTALIGN Ultra or photos from your smartphone’s camera
• Send measured data via email (PDF, photos and screenshots)
• Forward measurement data to another computer ROTALIGN Ultra.



 rgid-ausricht-tag RFID Ausricht-Tag Application

RFID Ausricht-Tag application is the state indication of the machine’s alignment on your tablet or smartphone, as well as a simple indication of the machine’s alignment state on a smartphone with NFC (proximity non-contact).
The application reads the contents of the PRUFTECHNIK RFID tag and displays the following:
• The alignment state with the tolerance symbol
• Date of alignment
• Surname of the user
• The system used for alignment ROTALIGN Ultra.




 inclineo-remote-display INCLINEO Remote Display Application

The INCLINEO Remote Display application is the measurement results for a slope on a tablet or smartphone, as well as showing the results of a slope measurement from INCLINEO on your tablet with Android or a smartphone, via Bluetooth.

• INCLINEO is a high-precision inclinometer for absolute and relative measurements
• Rotating case for measuring on curved surfaces of any kind
• Markings with a gap of 5° for the preliminary alignment of the rotating case
• Fine adjustment with adjusting screw
• Constant filtering of measurement data.



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