Emission spectrometers

Frequently Asked Questions about Emission Spectrometers - читать подробнее

Frequently Asked Questions about Emission Spectrometers

A complex of questions and answers on optical emission spectrometers: what is needed to complete the spectrometer, is the DFS-500 spectrometer included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments, how many techniques can be installed on the instrument, why does the DFS-500 spectrometer needs argon?

Emission spectrometers MFS-12 - читать подробнее

Emission spectrometers MFS-12

MFS-12 is designed to analyze a wide variety of powder samples, samples of both black and non-ferrous metals of various shapes, other materials. All optical elements are mounted on a single platform.

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Emission spectrometer MFS-11

MFS-11 Optical emission spectrometer for diagnostics of engines and other mechanisms. The spectrometer is used for diagnostics of engines, transmissions, other mechanisms of airplanes, locomotives, trucks, tractors, etc.

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Emission spectrometer DFS 500V

DFS-500V is a modification of the DFS-500 spectrometer with an external stand intended for analyzing the elemental composition of castings and parts, which, because of their considerable weight or dimensions, is difficult to place on a standard DFS-500 spectrometer table.

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Emission spectrometer DFS-100M

DFS-100M is a portable mobile spectrometer for checking and sorting metals and alloys. It allows analyzing ferrous and non-ferrous metals on all alloying elements and impurities, including sulfur, phosphorus, carbon.

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Emission spectrometer DFS-100

This small-sized spectrometer is an excellent tool for solving problems of incoming inspection and sorting of metals and alloys, and can also be used in the educational process in higher and secondary special educational institutions.

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Emission spectrometer DFS 71

Emission spectrometer is a device for qualitative analysis of the composition of metals, their alloys, soils and many other opaque substances. The registration system provides control of the nodes of the spectrometer, its verification, measurement of analytical signals.

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Emission spectrometer DFS 500

DFS-500 spectrometer (with argon purge) with a radius of the Rowland circle 500 mm and registration with CCD rulers for the analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals on all alloying elements and impurities, including sulfur and phosphorus.

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Emission spectrometers MFS

High-performance automated spectrometers of the MFS series are designed for express spectral analysis of metals and alloys for alloying elements and impurities.