Shaft and pulley alignment

Shaft alignment – one of the most important action during adjustment.

lazernaja-vyverka-shkivovShaft alignment  is essential part of vibration adjustment of coupled units, most of all pumps. Shaft misalignment – second after imbalance reason of increased level of vibration, it causes premature wear of compactings and greatly reduces resource of support bearing situated on both sides of sleeve joint.

Shaft alignment process (or how it is often called by mechanics and metalworkers –  sleeve alignment) must be realize during unit attachment to the base, and also after repair of one of units coupling by sleeve concerned with its displacement at work place.

It should be noted common wrong belief of staff of some service companies based on assertion that if the pump is obtained from factory assembled on a single chassis, then alignment after attachment to the base isn’t necessary. Our experience in parameters control of pump misalignment in such situations indicates that about 80% of units had misalignment parameters several times exceeding permissible value, about 15% had excess 40-50% tolerance and only some units weren’t out of repair (in general low-power pumps no more than 15 kW). Large-sized heavy pumps after attachment to the base were obligatorily exposed to correcting the parameters of residual misalignment, as during pump transportation on the chassis, its loading/uploading  to transport platform, attachment to the base and chassis fastening to the base (on anchor bolts or concrete pouring) chassis deforms, that in return leads to shaft misalignment of pumps and electric motor. Regarding units such as refiner or powerful crusher situation is simple: all unit elements are transported and set to the base on their own and alignment is evident and necessary.

“InTehSA” Ltd. employees have wide experience in shaft alignment on enterprises of Republic Belarus using the most contemporary systems of laser shaft alignment. We use systems Easy-Laser E530 and E420 produced by Swedish company “DamaliniAB”. Compared to archaic methods of alignment using dial indicators or probes, laser systems have higher accuracy (up to 0,001 mm), simplicity and obviousness of alignment (3D-graphics), and also operational efficiency and possibility to record results of made works.

“InTehSA” Ltd. employees accomplished unit alignment on such enterprises as SUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” (Shklov), LLC “Kronospan” (Smorgon), JSC “Retchicadrew” (Retchica), LLC “ReplasM” (Mogilev), LLC “Belstekloprom” (Gomel) etc.

As you can see from this list the main customers are companies with foreign capital that is clear. Private capital calculates its costs of repair and maintenance and knows exactly that equipment layup as a result of emergency stops e. g. of pump (compacting change or bearing) costs much more than costs of alignment before using. Qualitative and on time accomplished alignment provides planned resource production of unit elements (chassis, bearings).

Pulley alignment.

Система Easy-Laser® D90Along with units which rotation from electric motor is transmitted to actuator from sleeve joint most of enterprise technological equipment consists of machines of V-belt transmission of torsion torque (ventilators, mixers, separators, centrifuges, machine tools). Unlike sleeve joint these units must have  strongly parallel shaft rotation axis of electric drive and rotation axis of actuator, and planes of transfer torsion torque by V-belt transmission (pulley plane) should concur. Correct mutual spatial arrangement of elements of such machines also determines its vibration characteristics and provides required durability of driving belts.

The process of right mutual orientation of elements participating in rotation transmission by belt drive is called pulley alignment. Unfortunately, to right pulley alignment in the production is paid little attention. At the best it is checked “by eye” or with thread or long straight board.

Companies produced shaft alignment systems worked out laser devices to efficient and objective pulley alignment of any V-belt transmissions with interaxial distances up to several meters. “Damalini AB” produces range of such devices: the simplest such as Easy-Laser D90 with position control of adjusting pulley using the target system, systems with a liquid crystal displays (inbuilt like at Easy-Laser D150 or remote like at Easy-Laser D160 or E170 ) and systems Easy-Laser E180 with information transmission to display of any shaft alignment system using Bluetooth.

Система Easy-Laser® D90D150 BTA DIGITAL

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