Frequently Asked Questions – Centering Systems


1. How are the couplings measured by the centering system?

The device is a display with control and sensor (s). The display is in the hands of the operator, and the sensors are mounted to the shaft or to the coupling using special brackets and chains.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy2. What is the measurement accuracy of the device?

The accuracy of the laser alignment systems is 0.001mm, which is enough, since tolerances are typically one hundredth of a millimeter.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy3. Is centering tool a measuring instrument?

No, to date, no one is defined as a measurement tool, because the conclusion of the device indicates that the alignment parameters do match or not, and the task of the device is not to obtain numerical values. Nevertheless, we are able to calibrate the sensors of any device in the legislature bodies on metrology.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy4. Is it possible to measure vertical couplings using a centering system?

Yes you can. But when choosing a model, you should pay attention to this point, because by default the budget systems do not have the function of vertical alignment.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy5. What is a “soft paw”? Is this function necessary?

Of course, this function is necessary and it should be definitely useed. If the equipment does not have the effect of a soft paw, then you will not be able to achieve stable readings, and with this accuracy of work it is necessary. This function is present in all proposed devices and is not a feature that distinguishes this or that equipment.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy6. How long do I need to study to perform centring by myself?

On average, people master this equipment in one day. In fact, modern equipment has in its interface step-by-step tips of the operator’s actions, that it is possible to learn to operate the device even independently. Of course, as in any field, an experienced specialist starts to work faster without mistakes.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy7. How to adjust the unit in height?

To adjust the height calibrated plates of different thickness are used, which are evenly placed under all the legs of the unit, except for the situation of eliminating the effect of the “soft paw”.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy8. What is the maximum size of the coupling?

The sensors of the laser alignment system can operate at a distance of up to 10 meters, and the guide rods and chains have special extensions, so almost any coupling can be aligned.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy9.Is it possible to center open shafts?

Yes it is possible, but it can not be done by any centering tool. It is an additional function of some devices.

chasto-zadavaemye-voprosy10. What if it is not possible to rotate the shaft during the work?

There are sliding fasteners that allow you to simulate shaft rotation.

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