The personalization system CARD LINE 01

oborudovanie-dlya-personalizatsii-kard-layn-01A reliable and high-tech laser and electronic personalization system for large volumes of ID1 plastic identification documents.

The system developed in cooperation with KARL RESSLER MASCHINENBAU-STANZTECHNIK (Germany), is designed for personalization of documents in industrial conditions and provides two-way laser personalization of ID1 identification documents. Equipped with a highly reliable transport, providing fast and accurate automatic transfer of cards between the modules of electronic and laser personalization within the system.

A method of laser engraving is used to map high-quality halftone black and white photographs, personal alphanumeric information and the cardholder’s signature, engraving of linear and two-dimensional bar codes of the format. Using the technology of laser demetallization, duplication of photos on additional protective elements is carried out.
The system is equipped with contact, contactless and magnetic devices for encoding information for electronic personalization – recording information in an electronic chip integrated into the document.

Thanks to the mechanics of the well-known German manufacturer of automatic card-cutters, the system is extended in industrial conditions in the “24×7” mode, centralized and decentralized personalization of any identification documents of the ID1 format.

The technology of electronic personalization used in the system CARD LINE 01 provides a high degree of reliability and storage of information. All information on the smart card is not affected by external fields and can be stored for up to 10 years. It also provides protection against counterfeits. It is almost impossible to forge a smart card, reliability and unlimited resource of a smart card (provided by no need for a mechanical contact between the card and the reader).

The system of galvanometric scanners and the fiber laser provide high quality personalization, do not require water cooling and special maintenance, have reliability and durability.

Technical specifications

Laser emitter 
Type of laser Fiber pulsed ytterbium with diode pumpin
‎ Wavelength 1.05 – 1.07 um
Average power 20 W
Laser Resource More than 50,000 hours of operation
Cooling Air
General characteristics
 Capacity of the card bunker Up to 500 pcs
Card engraving time  Up to 20 sec.
Maximum resolution 2000 dpi
Power consumption 2.5 kW
Operation  Using a touch screen monitor. Optionally, it is possible to connect a stationary monitor and control using the keyboard and mouse.
 ‎Dimensions of the personalization module  1300 × 500 × 1500 mm
Dimensions of the control unit ‎210 × 450 × 540 mm


*Detailed information on the Personalization System CARD LINE 01 can be viewed by downloading Description.


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