Desktop X-ray difractometers

Дифрей 401Desctop X-ray difractometer Difray 401 

Difray 401 is a desktop X-ray difractometer designed to solve a wide range of analytical, technological and research problems of materials science. The main purpose of the device is qualitative and quantitative determination of the phase composition of powder samples, wires, plates, single crystals and etc.

The field of application of X-ray Difray 401 are mineralogy, metallurgy, engineering, geology, mining, inorganic and organic chemistry, electronics, construction, ceramics, ecology, pharmaceutics.

The structural feature of the difractometer Difray is the ability to implement the Bragg-Brentano X-ray optical scheme for the analysis of powders and plates.

Use of the desktop X-ray diffractometer Difray in the cement industry.

The use of the difractometer Difray 401 or x-ray phase analysis of clinker and cement allows you to organize operational technical control of cement production. The implementation of the Difray complex in the factory laboratories does not cause great difficulties: the desktop version of the difractometer does not require a special room, and simple sample preparation and the presence of an automatic sample changer allow up to 10 samples to be analyzed simultaneously.

Desktop X-ray difractometer Difray 402

дифрей 402Difray 402 is a desktop X-ray diffractometer that can be used for efficient factory express control of technological processes and non-destructive testing of finished products, raw materials and semi-finished products.

X-ray difractometer Difray 402 is intended for quantitative X-ray phase analysis of crystalline substances in automatic mode.

Application of desktop difractometer Difray 402 in aluminum and aluminous industry 

have found application in the aluminum and alumina industries as simple, convenient devices, maximally prepared for the solution of technological control tasks. In the aluminum industry, this is:

  1. Control of the composition of aluminum electrolyte;
  2. Determination of the content of alumina in the electrolyte;
  3. Determination of alpha phase content in alumina;
  4. Determination of the degree of calcination of limestone for the residual content of CaCO3 (calcium carbonate);
  5. Control of chemical extraction of Na2O and Al2O3 in the process of leaching of sinter and bauxite. A qualitative and quantitative analysis of secondary aluminum compounds (hydrogranates, aluminosilicates and aluminum hydroxide);
  6. Control of processes of deep desiliconization of aluminate solutions and regeneration of hydrogarnate sludge.The content of calcium hydrogencarbonate, hydrogarnate, calcium carbonate determines the activity of components

Difractometers Difray in pharmacology and pharmaceutics.

Difray complexes manufactured by Scientific Instruments Ltd. are designed to identify counterfeit, counterfeit and sub-quality drugs and control technology for the production of pharmaceuticals.

Difractometers Difray allow to perform input quality control of active ingredients and auxiliary substances that make up the drug, interoperational control (monitoring of grinding, mixing, pressing, determination of polyform forms of the drug), quality control of finished products, detection of counterfeit products.

Detailed information on X-ray difractometers Difray 401 and 402 can be viewed by downloading booklet. (4,15 Мб)

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