X-ray diffractometer Difray


X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ

The main purpose of the X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ is the qualitative determination of the phase composition of powder samples, wires, plates, single crystals and etc.

Scope of application: criminalistics, mineralogy, metallurgy, engineering, geology, mining, inorganic and organic chemistry, electronics, construction, ceramics, ecology, pharmaceuticals.

The structural feature of Difray is the possibility of implementing two X-ray optical circuits. The Debye-Scherrer scheme involves the use of two detectors, and the Bragg-Brentano scheme is one.

It is necessary to note the features of the X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ :

  • Fast detection of spectra by curved coordinate-sensitive detectors (ICDs)
  • The range of the angles of simultaneous detection of the diffraction spectrum of the  X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ  is 100 degrees.
  • X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ allows you to implement the Bragg-Brentano and Debye-Scherrer X-ray schemes.
  • allows you to explore powders, wires, plates and micro-objects using a wide range of attachments – sample holders.
  • Desktop version of the device and full radiation safety.
  • Focusing of X-ray radiation using elements of X-ray optics – a polycapillary lens or a monocapillary collimator.
  • X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ has a semiconductor energy-dispersive detector for parallel elemental analysis
  • X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ also has a desktop system aligning the holders of microsamples.
  • X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ allows you to make video control of samples during installation and measurement

More detailed information on X-ray microdiffractometer Difray 100µ can be viewed by downloading booklet. (1,00 Мб)

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