Emission spectrometers MFS-12

MFS-12 Optical-emission spectrometer for elemental analysis 


MFS-12 is a compact, reliable and modern device of the new generation of MFS produced by ZAO “OKB SPECTR” for the analysis of various materials. This is a device of a new generation of spectrometers of the MFS series that combines the best qualities of its predecessors.
This device is designed to analyze a wide variety of powder samples, samples both black and non-ferrous metals of various shapes, other materials. One of the advantages of this device is a wide variety of samples. It is worth noting that the spectrometer does not require purging with argon.

The spectrometer MFS-12 is included in the State registers of measuring instruments of such countries as: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Optical system

All optical elements are installed on a single platform having good thermal conductivity, which ensures spatial stability of the spectrum.
Linear CCD detectors are used as radiation receivers. The original design of the installation of detectors without dead zones allows you to register the entire spectrum in the entire range of the device, which as a result opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for analyzing different materials on one device.

mfs-12Sample Stand
Original sample stand construction allows to analyze:
• Rods and wires.
• Powders: ores, oxides, ferroalloys, slags, etc.
• Samples of any shape.
• Solutions (with prior evaporation).

Readout system
Readout system provides spectrometer control, testing and analytical signals measurements. In our spectrometers we use the most modern electronic components, thus reducing size, power consumption and heating. Due to the high speed USB interface, all the 40000 spectrum data points are transferred to the computer almost instantly.
The spectrometer operates under an IBM-compatible computer. A simple and convenient program WinCCD allows to get complete control over the spectrometer, perform calibration and analysis without any special training. Besides,
WinCCD contains numerous functions for spectral data processing as well as analytical tools, previously developed in our WinQuant software.

Detailed information on the emission spectrometers MFS-12 can be viewed by downloading Description.

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