Emission spectrometer DFS-100

DFS-100 optical emission spectrometer for analysis of metals

This ДФС-100small-sized spectrometer is an excellent tool for solving problems of incoming inspection and sorting of metals and alloys, and can also be used in the educational process in higher and secondary special educational institutions. The spectrometer is so compact that it will fit easily even on a small table.

Technical specifications:
based on a nonclassical concave lattice with a flat field with argon purge (argon consumption about 0.05 l / min), spectral range 178-410 nm. Radiation receivers – 4 multi-element linear detector.

Range of measured concentrations 0,01% – tens of %
Relative error
(depending on concentration)
Analysis duration 10…40 s
Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 625х420х260 mm

Power requirements: voltage 220±22 V 50 Hz, Single-phase with earth.
Power not greater than 1kVA.
Requirements for argon: the content of argon is not less than 99.998%.

Detailed information on he emission spectrometer DFS-100 can be viewed by downloading Description.

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