Emission spectrometer DFS-100M

DFS-100M is a mobile optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis

DFДФС-100МS-100М DFS-100M is a portable mobile spectrometer for checking and sorting metals and alloys. This is a new development of ZAO «OKB SPECTR».It allows analyzing ferrous and non-ferrous metals on all alloying elements and impurities, including sulfur, phosphorus, carbon.

The spectrometer consists of 2 modules – a console and an optical unit attached to it with weight only 2.5 kg. The length of the connecting cable is 3 m, which makes it easy and convenient to analyze various parts, forging, rolling, etc. in a warehouse and in production conditions.
Placed on the front panel of a console an industrial computer with a touch screen provides all the control of the spectrometer, as well as display the results of measurements. The built-in printer allows you to print the results on paper.

Technical specifications

Optycal system based on a nonclassical concave lattice with a flat field with argon purge (argon consumption about 0.05 l / min), spectral range 178-410 nm
Radiation receivers 4 multi-element linear detector
Range of measured concentrations 0,01% – tens of %
Relative error (depending on concentration) 1%…20%
Analysis duration 10…40 s
Console weight 15 kg
Optical module weight 2,5 kg
Power requirements Voltage 220+20 V 50 Hz, Single-phase with earth. Power 1kVA
Requirements for argon 99,998%

*Detailed information on  the emission spectrometer DFS-100М  can be viewed by downloading Description.

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