Emission spectrometer MFS-11

MFS-11 is Optical emission spectrometer for diagnostics of engines and other mechanisms


MFS-11 – The compact reliable modern instrument, produced by ZAO «OKB Spectr» for the motor and transmission oils analysis on deterioration products of engines and other mechanisms in process of their operation. The spectrometer is used fordiagnostics of engines, transmissions, other mechanisms of planes, locomotives, trucks, tractors etc.
The important advantage of new spectrometers is possibility to register all spectrum of the analyzed sample. It allows quickly find out new inclusions and impurity besides analysis of in advance certain elements.

The modern design with application of the reliable and checked up components provides performance of accuracy norms and measurement ranges concentration of elements according to standard other documents requirements.


Optical System
In order to ensure spatial stability of the spectrum, all the optical elements are installed on a stable cast-iron platform that have a good thermal conductivity.
Linear CCD detectors are used as radiation receivers. The original design of the installation of detectors without dead zones allows you to register the entire spectrum in the entire range of the device, which as a result opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for analyzing different materials on one device.

Sample stand
MFS-11 is equipped with a special-purposed sample stand devoted for analysis of wear debris contained in various machine oils.
This type of diagnostics provides determination of the mechanical conditions of engines, reducers, transmissions, etc. The liquid oil samples are taken into the analytical discharge gap using a special rotating quartz disk.

The spectrometer operates under an IBM-compatible computer. A simple and convenient program WinCCD allows to get complete control over the spectrometer, perform calibration and analysis without any special training. Besides,
WinCCD contains numerous functions for spectral data processing as well as analytical tools, previously developed in our WinQuant software.

Detailed information on the emission spectrometers MFS-11  can be viewed by downloading Description.

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