Emission spectrometer DFS 71

Эмиссионный спектрометр 71

Multichannel emission spectrometers have long become an indispensable tool of factory laboratories of metallurgical and machine building enterprises, repair and transport organizations. This devices has no equal one in the express analysis of metals and alloys, aluminas, soils, other materials. It is possible to monitor the state of engines by metal impurities in motor oil using this device.

Many of our customers who have extensive experience, of course, have encountered with emission spectrometers MFS-7,8, DFS-51. These brands of emission spectrometers are present in our market for about 20 years. Just for the record want to pay your attention to the fact that today these devices are completely different. They have significantly expanded capabilities and are equipped with modern electronics, an IBM-compatible computer, QUANT1 software. As well it is simple and easy to use emission spectrometers.
Since 2003, LOMO has officially transferred manufacturing, repairs and maintenance of these emission spectrometers to the ZAO OKB Spectr.

DFS emission spectrometers are constantly being improved taking into account the experience and wishes of customers. Today we offer our customers a new modification of the MFS spectrometer – the MFS-10 spectrometer, where a SPARK-400 generator and tripod with an argon-blown discharge chamber are installed instead of the UGE-4 generator with UST-4 tripod. It results in an increase in the accuracy of the analysis due to a more stable discharge.

Since 2003, the serial production of the multichannel emission spectrometer DFS-71 , which should replace the emission spectrometer DFS-51, has been launched.
Detailed information on multichannel emission spectrometers of the DFS series can be viewed by downloading  DFS spectrometers description (233 Кб).


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