Emission spectrometer DFS 500V

DFS-500V – modification of the DFS-500 spectrometer with an external stand


An external standis used for elemental analysis of castings and detailswhich are difficult to place on the standard table of spectrometer DFS-500 due to their significant weight or size.

The external stand that is connected to the DFS-500, provides an analysis of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals on all elements and impurities except Sulfur and Phosphorus. At the same time, there is still possibility of using an ordinary stand of the spectrometer.

Analytical capabilities of external stand is almost completely coincide with the analytical capabilities of the DFS-500. External stand is easy and convenient, the length of the cable allows you to analyze the details and assemblies of various shapes and dimensions.


Detailed information on the emission spectrometers DFS 500V can be viewed by downloading Description.

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