IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 2203

IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 2203

Laboratory IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 2203 is designed for research that requires increased spectral resolution, including for qualitative and quantitative analysis of gases.

The device operates in the mid-IR spectral range, has an optical port for inputting radiation from an external source and is equipped with an inert gas purge system.

IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 2203 can be successfully used as a tool for measuring the fine structure of vibrational-rotational spectra of molecules of atmospheric and polluting gases.

The device has two recording channels, one of which provides operation from its own radiation source, and the other allows to measure the radiation that is injected through an optical port from an external source. To register the spectra, various, including cooled, detectors can be used, switching them automatically. To register spectra various detectors, including cooled, can be used, which are switched automatically. Using this spectrometer it is possible to carry out an analysis of atmospheric pollution using both sampling in a gas cuvette and remotely -using the route method of determination.

Model FSM 2203
Spectral range, cm-1 370–7800
Spectral resolution, cm-1 0,1
Signal/Noise ratio (measuring time 1 min at 2000 cm-1 and resolution 4 cm-1 >20000
Amount of measuring channels 2
Cuvette compartment dimensions, cm 20 х 20 х 18,5
Dimensions of the device, cm 57 х 40 х 25
Beam splitter KBr with multilayer coating based on Ge
Detector DTGS,
cooled photoresistanc PbSe

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