IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 2211

Universal laboratory IR Fourier spectrometer FSM 2211

is intended for conducting quantitative and qualitative studies in the near-infrared range. It has all the advantages of the method of spectral NIR analysis: high information content of received data, speed and accuracy of measurements, does not require preliminary preparation of samples and special training of personnel.
The location of the bands in the infrared absorption spectrum carries information about the qualitative composition of the sample, and the intensity of the bands makes it possible to quantify it, i.e. to determine the concentration (or other property) of the corresponding component. This is done using a calibration model, which is the relationship between the absorption (transmission) index and the concentration of the component (the sample property). The calibration model is calculated in advance based on the results of the calibration, which consists in recording the spectra of a batch of samples with known concentrations of components (identified by standard chemical methods) or other known properties.

At the heart of the spectrometer FSM 2211 is a Michelson-type interferometer, with self-compensation, which does not require dynamic alignment.

Model FSM 2211
Spectral range, cm-1 2500–12000
Spectral resolution, cm-1 1
Signal/Noise ratio (measuring time 1 min at 2000 cm-1 and resolution 4 cm-1 >20000
Minimum time of spectrum acquisition, s 1
Cuvette compartment dimensions, cm 15 х 19 х 17
 Spectrometer dimensions, cm 52 х 37 х 25
 Beam splitter KBr with multilaywer coating based on Ge
 Detector Silicon photodiode

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