IR Fourier spectrometers FSM 1201/1202

IR Fourier spectrometers FSM 1201/1202

Universal laboratory spectrometers for the study of the middle and near-IR regions. Designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous samples and quality control of products by IR spectra in chemical, petrochemical, fuel, pharmaceutical, food and perfume industries, for environmental control, forensic and other types of examinations.

The control, testing, storage and processing of the spectra obtained by the infrared Fourier spectrometer FSM 1201/1202 is fully automated and takes place using a personal computer and a software package.

Specialized software packages for solving various applied problems have also been developed: multicomponent quantitative analysis, factor analysis, identification of spectra for a given library, and so on.

Infrared spectrometers FSM significantly exceed the sensitivity of diffraction instruments such as IKS and SPEKORD, that allows you to record extremely low concentrations and small amounts of matter.

Spectrometers of this type can be adapted to solve specialized problems due to their modular design.


Technical specification

KBr with multilayer coating on the basis of Ge

Model FSM 1201 FSM 1202
Spectral range, cm-1 400- 7800 400-7800
Spectral resolution, cm-1 1 0,5
Signal/Noise ration (measuring time 1 min at 2000 cm-1 and resolution 4 cm-1 >20000
Minimum time of spectrum acquisition, s 1
Cuvette compartment dimensions, cm  15 х 19 х 17
Dimensions, cm  52 х 37 х 25
Beam splitter   KBr with multilayer coating based on Ge
Source of radiation High-temperature metal-ceramic
Detector Кadiation pyrometer TaLiO3

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