IR Fourier spectrometers FSM 2201/2202

IR Fourier spectrometers FSM 2201/2202

Universal laboratory IR Fourier spectrometers FSM 2201 and FSM 2202 are designed for routine measurements and scientific research in the mid-infrared spectrum.

Spectrometers are used for quantitative analysis and quality control of products in the chemical, petrochemical, fuel, pharmaceutical, food and perfume industries, for environmental control, forensic and other types of examinations.

The FSM 2201/2202 is based on a Michelson-type interferometer, with self-compensation, which does not require dynamic alignment.

Device operation, its testing, storage and processing of spectra are automated and are implemented using a PC connected via USB.

The versatility of the device is provided by the possibility of installing various attachments and devices, including an infrared microscope, in its cuvette compartment that allows to study liquid, solid and gaseous samples.

Model FSM 2201 FSM 2202
Spectral range, cm-1 370–7800
Spectral resolution, cm-1 1 0,5
Signal/Noise ratio (Measuring time 1 min at 2000 cm-1and resolution of 4 cm-1) >60000
Minimum time of spectrum acquisition, s 1
Cuvette compartment dimensions, cm  20 х 19 х 17
 Spectrometer dimensions, cm  52 х 37 х 25
 Beam splitter   KBr with a multilayer coating based on Ge
 Detector DTGS

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