Laser Analyzer Microsizer 201

микросайзер 201We introduce you a laser particle analyzer Microsizer 201

As it is known, all the properties of powdered materials, suspensions and emulsions largely depend on the particle size. Therefore, granulometric analysis (measurement of particle size distributions in disperse media) is an extremely important component of modern production and scientific development.

Laser Particle Analyzers “Microsizer 201” allow you to carry out high-precision granulometric analysis or a short period of time. Owing to these qualities, the laser particle analyzer “Microsizer 201” is widely used for controlling the technological processes and product quality in the aluminum and food industries, as well as in powder metallurgy and ceramics production, the production of abrasives and cements. Laser particle analyzer “Microsizer 201” also allows you to produce high-precision research in biology, medicine, ecology and other fields of science.

Laser particle analyzer “Microsizer 201” allow you to analyze a wide range of particles such as alumina, hydrates, bauxite, metal powders and ceramics, cements and clays, latexes, abrasives, pigments and powder cocoa, coffee, starch, flour and other food products, medicines, cosmetics, cells and bacteria, soil, dust and other fine particles containing particles with sizes from 0.2 to 600 μm.

Detailed information can be viewed by downloading Description. (1.19 Мб)

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