Multifunctional vibrometer SKF CMAS 100-SL


A simple and fast vibrometer  of SKF company will accurately determine the condition of all the rotary equipment that the enterprise has.The operator will receive a signal in advance, which will inform that the set parameters are exceeded, which in turn indicates the nascent defects inside the equipment and that more control is required for avoiding expensive repairs and timely repair the problem area.

  1. Envelope of vibration acceleration
  2. Vibration speed
  3. Alarms:
    (A) Warning or
    (D) Danger
  4. Equipment group for ISO
  5. Select button
  6. Preview button
  7. Temperature
  8. Measurement Status
  9. Class of equipment on envelope of vibration acceleration
  10. Battery charge indicator (charge 60%)


• The speed of the vibrometer is very high due to a simple menu and a bright display that allows you easily to read information in any lighting. Interactive training is always available and can allow you quickly to train a new specialist.
• The parameters of the device allow it to be worn on the belt, in any bag configuration, suitcase for tools. The housing with IP54 protection is designed for industrial use.
• Operator notification occurs by means of signals “warning” or “danger”
• Measuring three parameters simultaneously speeds up the control process. The display immediately shows vibration speed , the envelope of acceleration and temperature .
• Operating time without charging the device 10 hours.
• SKF CMAS 100-SL vibration meter can measure vibration levels not only through the built-in sensor, but also through the connected accelerometers with a sensitivity of 100 mV/g. This can be used to achieve the most accurate parameters or work in conditions with limited dimensions or high temperatures within the capabilities of the sensor.
• The manual for working with the vibrationometer is translated into various languages: English, Russian, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish.

cmas_100SKFAfter turning on the vibrometer SKF CMAS 100-SL all parameters are automatically measured. One of the control buttons helps to fix the parameters for viewing, another button provides work with the settings of the device. The vibrometer conforms to the European standard ISO. By measuring the vibration velocity and comparing it with the permissible values, the device allows you to detect vibrations , the cause of which is the misalignment, misalignment, imbalance, loosening of fasteners and prefabricated elements, defects of teeth and blades. Identifying inconsistencies in measuring the envelope of vibration acceleration, we can determine possible nascent bearing defects. A temperature measurement will allow to see excessive heating, which can be caused by problems with lubrication, friction, electric defects and other, depending on the kinematics of the unit on which the measurement takes place.











*Detailed information on Vibrometer SKF CMAS 100-SL can be downloaded from Description.




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