Mobile system of technical diagnosis MSTD

Mobile system of technical diagnosis MSTD


In order to switch to maintenance and repair of technological equipment according to the actual state, it is necessary to have a system that is able to determine the technical condition of the units. For such tasks a mobile system of technical diagnosis (MSTD) is used. It is able to do diagnosing in automatic mode, collects data, processes them and stores information. All the processes of the system can be visually viewed on the monitor.

System functionality:
– Monitoring of the overall vibration level in a controlled frequency band. Recommendations on this parameter are available in GOST, therefore this type of control can be tied to the technical documentation for servicing systems and assemblies. If the permissible values are exceeded, the system notifies the operator about the emergency or pre-emergency state of the unit.
– The monitoring system can be connected to any computer in the enterprise network or to the dispatcher’s console.
By configuring the software, the system can be easily adapt to any type of equipment . The very design of the system allows it to be easily mounted and dismantled on the unit.
– Thanks to the implemented algorithm of diagnostics of various components of the equipment, which includes the determination of the type of defect and the degree of its development, the system issues recommendations on the operation of the equipment, determines the plant’s failure-free life.
– For additional control and research, annstrong>algorithm for multifunctional manual analysis was developed. You can export data without processing to other systems for further processing.
– The MSTD system can operate under conditions of high humidity and dustiness.

mobilnaya-sistema-tekhnicheskogo-diagnostirovaniya mobilnaya-sistema-tekhnicheskogo-diagnostirovaniya2 mobilnaya-sistema-tekhnicheskogo-diagnostirovaniya-3


Rolling bearings
— Imbalance
— Bearing skew at landing
— Nonuniform radial interference
— Outer ring track wear
— Inner ring track wear
— Corrosion, cracks on the track of the outer ring
— Corrosion, cracks on the track of the inner ring
— Corrosion, cracks on the surface of rolling bodies
— The separator wear
— Slip of the ring
— Deteriorating quality of lubricant

— Engagement defect
— Defect on axis

Plain bearings
— Imbalance
— Unbalanced shaft
— Bearing skew
— Self-oscillation of the shaft
— Bearing shell wear
— Beats in the bearing

— Unbalanced shaft
— Self-oscillation of the shaft
— Impact of the runner
— Blade defect
— Nonuniform flow
— Cavitation of a liquid


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MSTD in the case
Magnetic Stand 3G- antenna Rotational frequency sensors
datchiki-vibracii mobilnaya-sistema-tekhnicheskogo-diagnostirovaniya-4 wi-fi-antenna mobilnaya-sistema-tekhnicheskogo-diagnostirovaniya-5
Vibration sensor Laptop with software Wi-Fi antenna Transportation bag for MSTD components


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