Tabletop token personalizer Shtrikh 2012АМ

A Tabletop token personalizer Shtrikh 2012АМ is used in conducting a full cycle of personalization of “electronic tokens of a serviceman”.
The full cycle of personalization includes:

• Laser personalization – plotting by laser engraving of identification information on both plastic and metal parts of the token;

• Electronic personalization – recording information in a chip implanted in the plastic part of the token.
Source of radiation – fiber pulsed laser with air cooling, providing high reliability and long service life..

Manage the system of personalization by means of a stationary monitor, keyboard and mouse. Remote control via Ethernet-channel is possible.

The «Shtrikh 2012АМ»analyzer is equipped with a contactless reader , a bunker with a volume of 60 tokens and an output bin, where tokens are placed as they are ready. The performance of the personalizer «Shtrikh 2012АМ» is not less than 120 tokens per hour.

More information can be find in the file Tabletop token personalizer Shtrikh 2012АМ.

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