Software for storing and analyzing data on a computer, as well as for preparing reports.


omnitrendOMNITREND is a universal and productive software platform for almost all PRUFTECHNIK systems designed for monitoring the state of the machines (handheld devices and online systems).
Using OMNITREND you will always be aware of the status of your units and machines. OMNITREND is a productive analytical tool for diagnosing the state of machines. You can choose the sequence of monitoring, save and analyze data, and make full reports.


The main advantages of OMNITREND software are:

• Data exchange with CMMS systems (maintenance management based on computer technology)
• Ability to service in 13 languages
• Extensive configurable reporting functions
• Simplicity and ease of operation
• Free software update
• Attractive license terms

Fig.1 Work with the software OMNITREND


OMNITREND software works as a mono or multi-user application and provides access to machine data, at any time, regardless of your location. Observed units are recorded in a database, in the form of an intuitive tree structure. Saved measurement data are effectively visualized and evaluated using productive analytical tools.

Trends in vibration parameters, impact pulse measurements, FFT spectra, envelope curve filtering and other measurement functions will support you in diagnosing machine problems. An intuitive wizard will help you when setting up measuring tasks and when preparing measurements. It should be noted that OMNITREND is so flexible that both experienced and new users can work with it without problems.
Dynamic, narrow-band frequency control detects machine defects, such as imbalance, centering errors, bearing and gear noise, resonance or loose parts. Generalized alarms can be individually configured. Optionally, you can add predefined ISO alarms to DIN ISO 10816 to monitor the status of the unit in accordance with regulations.
has a standard, large data bank with bearing defect frequencies, which makes it much easier to diagnose bearing defects. Additionally, on a request a professional software module OMNITREND WebReport is offered for documenting and preparing reports.
OMNITREND is also communicated with CMMS systems and provides parameters, alarms and other important status information. It is ideal for users of SAP, Maximo or other CMMS-programs.
Free updates always support the program at the last level of the version and, thus, reduce production costs.


omnitrend-centerOMNITREND CENTER is monitoring of the state of the next generation. New software platform for state monitoring devices. The main advantages of OMNITREND CENTER are:
• Quick measurement configuration
• The content of all the analytical tools you need
• Progressive configuration and alarm management
• Models of equipment developed thanks to 40 years of experience of the PRUFTECHNIK company
• Modeling of gears by means of a kinematic editor
• Interactive areas
• Enhanced Modbus support for continuous communication with PLCs


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