The personalization system CARD LINE 02

oborudovanie-dlya-personalizatsii-kard-layn-02High-speed system is designed for electronic personalization of plastic identification documents ID documents in large volumes.

CARD LINE 02 is an electronic personalization system that is proposed to increase the personalization performance of identification cards with a chip with a high capacity of encoded information. Electronic personalization of identification documents of ID1 format.




Technical specifications

8 parallel recording devices for encoding contact and contactless cards
High-speed conveyor
Remavable boxes for forms and ready-made cards
Tray for defective cards



The complete set of system CARD LINE 02 includes the software, by means of which the tasks for laser personalization are downloaded.

Main features of the software:

• management of the personalization process – the ability to start and stop the task;

• possibility to choose the type of personalization – one-sided or two-sided;

• task sequence management;

• the ability to restore tasks from previously completed.

*Detaild information on the personalization system CARD LINE 02 can be viewed by downloading  Description.

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