Tester of semiconductor wafers FSM 1201P

IR Fourier spectrometry is an effective tool for nondestructive testing of semiconductor wafers and structures , which is ensured by internationally recognized SEMI standards.

The tester for the control of the prperties of semiconductor wafers FSM 1201P allows to do automatic measurement of plane-parallel polished silicon wafers of diameter 76, 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm, placed on the measuring table, according to specified by the operator method. The time of the standard measurement at one point is not more than 20 s.

The main controlled parameters are:

  • The concentration of interstitial oxygen (wafer thickness 0.4-2.0 mm) in the range (5×1015–2×1018)±5×1015 cm-3 (SEMI MF1188);
  • The substitution carbon concentration (wafer thickness 0.4-2.0 mm) in the range: (1016–5×1017)±1016 cm-3 (SEMI MF1391);
  • Radial heterogeneity of oxygen distribution in silicon wafers (SEMI MF951);
  • Thickness of epitaxial layers of silicon structures like n-n + and p-p + in the range (0,5–10,0)±0,1 um, (10–200)±1% um (SEMI MF95);
  • Thickness of silicon epitaxial layers for SOS structures in the range (0,1–10,0)±1% um;
  • Boron and/or phosphorus concentration in BPSG/PSG on silicon (1–10)±0,2 % wt.
Model FSM 1201P
Spectral range, cm-1 400–7800
Spectral resolution, cm-1 1
Accuracy of calibration of the scale of wave numbers is not more than, cm-1 0,1
The mean square deviation of the 100% transmission line(1950 2050 cm-1, resolution 4 cm-1, 20 scans) not more than, % 0,025
Deviation of the line 100% of the transmission from the nominal value (5 min.) no more than, %  ±0,5
Linearity of the photodetector system (level of pseudo scattered light) is no more than, %  ±0,25
 Beam splitter KBr with multilayer coating based on Ge
 Detector DTGS
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