Vibro Vision – Portable Vibrometer


Vibro Vision – A simple small device that allows you to measure the overall level of vibration (Peak, Swipe, RMS) and see the condition of the bearings. The sensor is built-in, but you can also use the remote one. You can also write a spectrum of up to 100 lines, which will allow you to analyze the shape of the spectrum and identify the most typical defects.






Technical specifications «Vibro Vision»:

Calculated vibration parameters Peak, RMS, sweep
Measuring range: Vibration acceleration, m/s2 0,5 – 70
Vibration speed, mm/s 0,5 – 100
Vibration displacement, um 15 – 500
Battery life, without backlight 20 hours
Overall dimensions of the device, mm 140 * 65 * 23
Gross weight, kg 0,2


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