Vibration Analyzer SKF Microlog AX


Vibration analyzer SKF Microlog Analyzer AX is the most advanced analyzer with large screen that SKF company offers to date. AX allows you quickly collect a wide range of vibration data. It is flexible in operation and can be used in a variety of applications that are most important for a specific maintenance program based on the actual state of your company.

Main characteristics of SKF Microlog AX

• Simultaneous measurements in three axes or 4 channels for fast data acquisition
• The Xscale processor with a clock speed of 806 MHz means faster real-time performance and faster updates on the screen
• Robust, dustproof and waterproof design with protection class IP65, providing reliability in industrial conditions
• Rechargeable lithium battery provides continuous data collection for 8 hours
• A large 6.4-inch VGA color screen makes it easy to operate and analyze in all lighting conditions

Detailed information on Vibration analyzer SKF Microlog AX  can be sownloaded from Description.и.


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