Vibration analyzer VIBXPERT EX (Explosion-proof)

vibxpert-exHighly efficient v
ibration analyzer VIBXPERT EX

The vibration analyzer VIBXPERT EX  has explosion-proof design EX and can be used without restrictions for explosive and fire hazardous objects of the petrochemical and gas industries.

VIBXPERT EX is an explosion-proof  an effective instrument for vibration analysis and for operational balancing.  The safety class allows it to be used in zone 1 ATEX. Simple joystick control. Data are recorded by means of “trend-spectra”. High resolution allows to carry out detailed frequency analysis at the work site.

Vibration analyzer VIBXPERT EX is a is a two-channel, fully digital vibration analyzer and data collector that allows to carry out:




The device allows to carry out daily work on data collection, diagnostics, as well as vibration adjustment works on machines and installations in the petrochemical industry, oil refineries or drilling platforms and so on.
Since the software structure of the equipment has a modular structure, it is possible to complete the device at any level, from data collector to a full vibration analyzer with additional functions for performing vibro-adjustment work, for example, acceleration and coasting, event-based signal recording, ODS analysis and modal analysis, as well as phase measurements of the cross channel.
To analyze compressors, turbines or turbomachinery, you can attach the VIBXPERT EX device to the outputs of the existing machine protection system to register vibration and displacement of shaft or orbit.

vibrometrIn terms of its functionality and metrological characteristics, this device is similar to VIBXPERT II

For all the vibration measurement devices for data collection and vibration analyzers presented in the catalog, the production costs are rather low, since all software and firmware updates are provided free of charge.

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