VibroMedia ™ software package for monitoring and automatic diagnostics

vibromedia2Vibration diagnostic complex «VibroMedia™»  is intended for determining the technical condition and predicting the term of trouble-free operation of rotary equipment, which includes the following “KNOTS”: Rolling bearings, sliding bearings, mechanical transmissions, impellers of flow-forming and flux-generating units , electromagnetic systems. «The VibroMedia™» programm  is built on a modular principle and consists of various diagnostic modules that allow one-time measurement of vibration signals to detect defects in rolling and sliding bearings, synchronous, asynchronous electric machines and DC machines, gearboxes, compressors, pumps, fans and turbines).

The software «VibroMedia™» is used for mass processing of data when going to the maintenance of equipment according to its actual state. «The VibroMedia™» software product provides the following solutions:

– vibration monitoring in accordance with GOST ISO 10816, 25364, 30576 and others.
– analysis and trends of vibration levels, spectra, envelope spectra, any scalar valu;
– trend extrapolation, forecast of emergency situations;
– setting any thresholds for vibration;
– automatic configuration of measurement parameters according to GOSTs.

– automatic configuration of measurement parameters to machine specification;
– automatic detection of the type and magnitude of defects;
– automatic long-term forecast of the technical condition of equipment, recommendations for maintenance, automatic planning of repairs and measurements.

– creation of reports in Microsoft Word format, including graphs, tables, etc.;
– exchange of information on the condition, maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment with the automated control system of the company.

The «VibroMedia™» programm package includes the following modules:

Software module for monitoring rotating machines and any other equipment. This module includes a database of more than 5000 rolling bearings, a designer of various gearboxes, a user interface and reporting tools

The program module of the AUTOMATIC diagnostics:

– rolling bearings,
– sliding bearings,
– diagnostics of mechanical transmissions (gear, belt, chain),
– flow-part of pumps and fans,
– electric machines of direct and alternating current,
– shaft line,
– couplings,
– attachment knots.

Each of these modules allows:
— initially configure the diagnosed equipment;
— Create a route map to measure each of the “KNOTS”;
— transfer the measurement map to the analyzer for subsequent vibration signals measurement of “KNOTS”;
— take from the analyzer the measured vibration signals of “KNOTS”;
— determine the current technical condition of the diagnosed “KNOT”;
— determine the term of trouble-free operation of the “KNOT”;
— to create necessary report materials.

The basis of the complex is the analyzer of electrical signal characteristics «Spectr-07» which is the latest development of the specialists of the “TST” using the elemental base of the third millennium. Before working with the vibration diagnostics complex, it is required to enter the necessary information about the diagnosed equipment in the PC program. This work is done using the “Database” mode of VibroMedia™ programm.

«The VibroMedia™» software is a powerful tool for manually analyzing spectra, monitoring, generating reports on controlled equipment.

For convenience of the user, the database representation of the diagnosed equipment has a hierarchical structure in the form of a tree containing as many elements as the user needs. The program has four main levels:

  • The root directory “DATABASE” – is the upper level, can have as its nested levels its own “OBJECTS”, “UNITS” and “KNOTS”.
  • “OBJECT” – can contain the levels of “UNITS” and “KNOTS”.
  • «UNIT» — can contain just «KNOTS».
  • «KNOTS» — are the lowerst elements in the hierarch.

This software can automatically build the development trends of each type of defects, trends in the development of the overall level of vibration (GOST ISO 10816-1-97), and also recalls expired measurements.

Automatic diagnostics is a key function of the program. Embedded in the «VibroMedia™» programm the technology has been worked out on hundreds of thousands of knots of various machines in numerous branches of industry.

«The VibroMedia™» program automatically generates all the measurements necessary for a full-fledged diagnosis, analyzes the received data, compares them with previous, reference and data from other machines of this type, analyzes the harmonic and random components of vibration. Based on the analysis of the recorded spectra, the program evaluates the state of the machine as a whole, issues a list of defects with the degree of their development and danger, determines a safe period of operation, and issues recommendations for maintenance. The versatility of the«VibroMedia™» program features and the high reliability of the diagnosis distinguishes it from the offers of other companies.

Creating a new “Database”:
After running the program, the main menu will have the following appearance:

                      Fig.1  The window of the list of knot defects in the VibroMedia software


In the menu bar “Database”, or in the toolbar of the program select the command “New” and create a new database. The following window will appear in the program:

In the field “Database name” the user must enter the name of the database being created. %d1%81%d0%be%d0%b7%d0%b4%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%b8%d0%b5-%d0%b1%d0%b0%d0%b7%d1%8b-%d0%b4%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%bd%d1%8b%d1%85Then, after clicking the “OK” button, the following window will appear:
In this window, the user must select the way to display the term of accident-free operation of the database being created by means of placing an point-flag. If you select the display method “In kilometers”, the “Average mileage per day, km” field becomes active. Here you must enter the mileage value. After clicking “OK” in the program, will be opened a window that contains only the upper level of the equipment tree “Database”. Further configuration is done in this window.
The program provides four standard reports for different levels of the equipment tree (history, status, replacement nodes, nodes for measurement) and generation of a custom report form using the report designer.

                         Fig.2 Function of manual analysis of spectra of VibroMedia software


Main advantages of «VibroMedia™»:
• The possibility of using the system by operators without special training in the field of vibration diagnostics;
• Reduction of unit costs for knot diagnostics is no less than 15 times, including three times at the cost of the system and five times – due to increased productivity;
• The possibility of obtaining a diagnosis and forecast of the state of the nodes of rotor mechanisms for single measurements of vibration;
• Automatic processing of measurement results;
• Automatic diagnosis and prognosis;
• Automatic issuance of recommendations for servicing the mechanism taking into account its actual state;
• Reliability of the results of diagnosis and prognosis above 90%;
• Diagnosis, which does not require changes in operating modes of the mechanism;
• Absence of strict requirements to the quality of performance of diagnostic measurements.


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