ViPen – vibrometer-pen with evaluation of the condition of bearings

Vibrometer “ViPen” – this device is designed for monitoring the condition of equipment during daily operation. The operator can always carry it with him and during the bypass of the equipment to carry out not only a visual check, but immediately measure the overall level of vibration, the high-frequency component for analyzing the condition of the bearing, and measure the temperature on the body. Such cheap pocket devices are also call “Vibrating pen” due to its compactness and simplicity.
The vibration sensor is made in the form of integrated probe, also a temperature sensor is integrated in the case. Simple one-button operation is implemented. There is a bright OLED screen for viewing the measured values. The device can work without charging for at least 8 hours.

Technical specifications «ViPen»:

Measurement range of RMS vibration velocity in the frequency range 10 ÷ 1000 Hz, mm/s  1 ÷ 70
Vibration acceleration measurement range of , Peak, m/s2  1 ÷ 50
Range of temperature measurement, ° С  -70 ÷ 380
Battery life, hour  8
Charger connector  micro-USB
Operating temperature of the device, ° С  -20 ÷ +50
 Dimensions, mm  146*40*16
 Weight, gr  140


 «ViPen» Contents:
• Vibrometer«ViPen»
• Leather Case
• Power supply with micro-USB cable
• Manual
• Passport for the device
• Passport for the device


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