Dyfraktometr rentgenowski Difray - читать подробнее

Dyfraktometr rentgenowski Difray

Difray – 100μ is a desktop X-ray microdiffractometer. It is designed to solve a wide range of analytical, technological and research problems of materials science in laboratory conditions.

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Desktop X-ray difractometers

Difray 401 and 402 are tabletop X-ray diffractometers, designed to solve a wide range of problems of materials science, control of finished products, raw materials. They are used in cement, aluminum and alumina industries, pharmacological and pharmaceutical fields.

Stołowy analizator XRF energodyspersyjny Rean - читать подробнее

Stołowy analizator XRF energodyspersyjny Rean

Rean is a desktop X-ray fluorescent energy dispersive analyzer intended for non-destructive X-ray spectral fluorescence element analysis. Used to study the elemental composition of prepared solid, liquid and powder samples, as well as unprepared samples. The range of determination of the contents of chemical elements: 11Na ÷ 92U.